College Sports Recruiting Process


The Capital College Consulting team can help you achieve your dreams of playing at the collegiate level.  By taking advantage of our exclusive college athletic recruiting services, you will be able to market your academic abilities and athletic skills to a targeted list of best-fit schools.

Capital College Consulting are college athletic recruiting consultants experienced in college athletic recruiting, established rapport with college coaches, and utilizes a forward-thinking model to guide you through an athletics-focused college admissions process.

Recent clients have competed collegiately at D-I and D-III soccer programs, Ivy League and D-III Football programs, College Basketball programs, and top rated Taekwondo club programs.

Services may include the following:

  • Creating your profile sheet and letter of introduction to coaches applying to ivy league international student applying to ivy league
  • Developing a list of target schools for your abilities
  • Creating an academic and athletic resume
  • NCAA Clearinghouse advice
  • Providing overview of NCAA guidelines and recruiting rules
  • Establishing contacts and visibility with coaches
  • Developing a list of exposure camps/showcases that will maximize the student athletes opportunities
  • Advising on athletic scholarships and what to expect
  • School visits (official/unofficial)
  • Financial aid guidance, along with how to market yourself to get the best possible package available
  • Ivy League and D-III admissions process overviews
  • Discussion of athletic fit and academic fit