Summer Pre-College Programs for High School Students in US


A well-selected academic summer experience can be an invaluable way for students to deepen their intellectual pursuits, get a glimpse into the residential side of university life, and build strong and lasting friendships with like-minded peers. Our team at Capital College Consulting has first-hand experience working in elite pre-college programs and we help advise our clients as to which summer opportunity might fit them best.

Many of the top tier American universities now offer Summer Pre-College programs for ambitious and talented high school applicants. There are varying degrees of selectivity; some programs may require certain SAT scores to enroll in their classes, while others do not. Students can undertake courses designed to stretch and challenge them in fields in which they have already shown interest. Often there is the additional option to take university courses for credit alongside current undergraduates.

For those wanting a different experience than that of a US institution, Oxford, Cambridge, and the University of London are among a host of European universities that provide similar programs. Many of the summer programs for high school students at colleges and universities have study abroad options, where students complete coursework in centers throughout Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa. Summer programs for graduating high school seniors can also be an opportunity to sharpen a particular pre-professional or non-academic skill, such as musical or language tuition, journalism, or business studies. There are also boarding schools and universities that offer on-campus intensive English courses to take your language abilities to the next level.

Our consultants have attended and taught at the top pre-college programs in the US. They understand the particular benefits that each type of program affords its students. We are happy to listen to and assess your particular needs and then guide you towards the extracurricular experiences that will enable you to excel.