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  • What You Need to Know to Ace Your College Interview

    Getting into a good university entails going through several processes that demand your best efforts. Even the simple act of submitting an application form requires observing a high level of meticulousness if you really want to secure a spot in the university of your choice. Arguably, the most important steps in the application process that

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  • A Smart Student’s Checklist for Better Time and Energy Management During the College Application Period

    The college application period is definitely stressful for every high school student that wants to get into one of his or her university picks. Not only are there application forms to fill out, but there are also a bunch of other requirements to gather and prepare. On top of these, school responsibilities don’t go away

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  • 7 Road-Tested Tips for Writing Winning College Application Essays

    girl thinking about college application essays

    Just how important is a college application essay? School admission officers take into account several important factors in selecting which students to admit. These include your grades and test scores. What about college application essays? According to higher education consultants, as more and more people are going to college, the playing field becomes more competitive

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  • Getting Into Your University of Choice: Honest Advice From Top College Consultants

    Your choice of college or university is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Although there are some studies which indicate that your choice of school does not necessarily affect your ability to earn more in the future, getting into top colleges and universities can influence your success later in life. Before making a

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  • 10 Important Steps to Take Before Starting Your College Admissions Journey

    Are you a junior or senior high school student and your life is constantly bombarded with questions on finding the right college for you? These questions can range from where you’re going to college to how you’ll be able to afford tertiary education to your choice of major, and much more. All these can be

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